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Dentistry in Moldova

  КлиникаIn search of the personal stomatologist choose professional stomatological clinic CviaDent. Cosy and bright interior and well-disposed medical staff won't leave you indifferent. Stomatological clinic CviaDent is a modern clinic of a new generation that corresponds to high european standards: individual approach to a patient, professionalism of medical staff, advanced tehnologies and materials, effective methods of anesthesia, effective disinfection remedies.

We work with the most famous representetives from Germany, Italy, USA, France and Japan that deliver materials and equipment to Eastern Europe. The equipment in our clinic meets fully the requirements of modern stomatology.

  Клиника The team of CviaDent are qualified dentists with great experience of successful work, specialisations,courses of increase of a category, masterclasses and trainings. “Individual approach and exclusively quality of work!” is the motto of our clinic. In the clinic you'll be welcome by a friendly administrator who will answer all your questions and offer a cup of tea or coffee. An attentive doctor on free consultation will choose an individual system of treatment and make the plan of treatment with calculation of its cost and will invite to reception at any time convenient for you.

КлиникаPrevious appointment by phone 888-211 will facilitate planning your personal and working hours. And treatment in our clinic will be as much as possible painless, comfortable and actually not notable. During the first reception the doctor in clear language will explain to you, how it is better to take care of your teeth, will learn to a correct technique of a toothbrushing, will advise what kind of toothbrush, paste, elexir, tooth thread etc. to use. All it will help you to keep your teeth healthy for a long time and to avoid the main problems: a toothache, caries and an inflammation of gums.

 One of our major principles: effective anesthesia at any stage of treatment. Near at hand our stomatologists have a wide choice of effective anesthesia.

КлиникаHigh level of the organization of the infection control is reached by competent sterilizing work (AntiAIDS and AntiHepatitis program). All applied toolkit passes triple cleaning by means of the modern equipment under the strict control and is unpacked in the presence of the patient on his reception. In the clinic are switched quartz lamps two times a day to keep healthy indoor atmosphere. The basic part of toolkit and of expended material is disposable. On the patient are always dressed bahilas and stomatological installations are disinfected after each reception of the patient.

 The qualitative treatment that provides long-term stable results, is impossible without exact and reliable diagnostics, therefore we have provided in clinic an X-ray room. There is also a computer network and an access to the Internet in our clinic and it means that information interchange with the other doctors in our clinic and the transfer of digital pictures from X-ray room on the computer of the doctor occurs in short time that promotes the accelerated process of work.

We will return to you and we will create anew your dazzling smile!

Working program

Our clinic works 6 days a week:
Monday - Friday,9.00 a.m.- 20.00 p.m.
9.00 a.m.- 14.00 p.m. Saturday
In the clinic is registration of a previous appointment.

Stomatological clinic CviaDent is situated in the center of Chisinau.

49/3, Tighina Str., the 2-nd floor, of.33.
Phone:(+373 22) 888-211
Cell phone:(+373) 797 50 332