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Prosthetic dentistry in Chisinau in the clinic CviaDent is effective and qualitative. Prosthetic dentistry in Chisinau quality at a good price.

Prosthetic dentistry. Fixed prosthetics.


A damaged tooth is a source of pain and discomfort: eating becomes an agonizing process; Stress and insecurity are harassed every minute; Life loses its colors. In this case, doctors resort to prosthetics, which helps maintain healthy teeth and prevent the final destruction of those that have been damaged.

 ProstheticsFor the qualitative prosthetics are equally necessary: ​​the experience and professionalism of an orthopedic physician, the high qualification of dental technicians, the availability of a well-equipped laboratory, the use of advanced technologies and materials. All this is offered to patients in the clinic CviaDent.

Prosthetics are necessary in case the tooth is damaged by tooth decay, broken, chipped, curved, erased, its color and shape are violated. The main indications for dental prosthetics:


1. Pathologic abrasion - resort to prosthetics using methods such as veneers or crowns.

2. Strong destruction of the tooth crown. This is a neglected form of caries, when using a normal seal to restore the tooth is impossible. Doctors resort to microprosthetics with inserts, or dental crowns are installed.

3. Complete destruction of the crown, when only the roots of the tooth remain. In this case, the pins are used.

4. Complete absence of tooth - the main defect of the dentition. The peculiarity of the defect determines the choice of the method of prosthetics. Removable and non-removable dentures or dental implants are used.

5. Multiple defects of the dentition. With the age of such defects appears more and more. The choice of prosthesis depends on many components. All variants of prostheses can be used: both removable and non-removable, dental implants.
Prosthetic dentistry in Chisinau

How is prosthetics performed?


 Prosthetics Stage 1: After making sure that all indications for prosthetics of the teeth are available, the dentist CviaDent will select an individual method of prosthetics. Here the patient's age, health status and how carefully he observes daily oral hygiene can play a role.

Stage 2: The doctor makes a plan for prosthetics and conducts the sanation of the oral cavity. He carefully heals the tooth, which is subject to prosthesis, preventing its further destruction. In this case, special sealing materials are used that release fluoride into the tooth tissue.

Stage 3: The crown will hold firmly, if its shape accurately reproduces the chewing surface of the prosthetic tooth. Jewelery accuracy plays an important role.

Stage 4: The permanent tooth crown is fixed with a special dental cement.

So, dental prosthetics in the clinic CviaDent is as follows: a tooth is removed from the tooth and sent to the laboratory. In a period of 4 to 7 days, dental technicians will produce a permanent crown by an individual cast. If necessary, the orthopedic doctor can install a temporary plastic crown that will protect the sharpened tooth from harmful effects.

Fixed prosthetics of teeth in Moldova:
Metal ceramic crowns in Chisinau


The most popular is a metal-ceramic crown, which is a strong metal frame, covered with a thin layer of ceramics. In our dental laboratory metal frame is made of chrome-cobalt-molybdenum alloy - this is the best option, taking into account biocompatibility and cost. The biocompatibility of cobalt alloy is 36%, in gold-platinum alloy - 42%. Only one's own teeth have a 100% biocompatibility. Metal-ceramic crowns are not toxic and do not cause allergic reactions. A beautiful appearance allows you to install them on the front and back of the teeth.

Titanium crowns in Chisinau

Titanium crowns are also called thin-walled crowns. Titanium alloy has a high biocompatibility, favorably preserves the enamel of the prosthetic tooth. Thin-walled crowns have many functions: regenerative, supporting, protective and aesthetic. Lightweight, non-magnetic, biocompatible make the use of titanium crowns in demand in a number of cases. For example, with aplasia and hypoplasia of enamel (malformation of hard tissues), with insufficient mineralization of hard tooth tissues, with traumatic dental injuries, etc.


Zirconium crowns in Chisinau

 Prosthetics One of the most durable is the ceramic crown based on zirconium oxide. This material is biocompatible with the tissues of the human body and does not cause allergic reactions. It fits perfectly to the surface, which excludes the possibility of inflammation in the gum area. Such crowns are set mainly on incisive front teeth and fangs. Used in case of patient's allergy to metal, and with increased aesthetic requirements.
The white frame has a natural transparency and translucency close to the translucence of natural light