Dental Therapy

Dental Therapeutic Treatment: Restoring the Health of Your Teeth

Dental Therapy at Cviadent Dental Clinic

I Dental Restorations

Dental restorations involve the restoration of the tooth’s original anatomical form with the aim of restoring its efficient function and proper aesthetic appearance.

Dental restorations are indicated in the following cases:

• Teeth with coronal lesions or abrasion;
• Decayed teeth;
• Wedge-shaped defects, hypoplasia, fluorosis;
• Change in enamel color after root canal treatment;
• Diastemas (interdental spaces).

II Dental Caries

Dental caries is one of the most common dental pathologies. If neglected, it can lead to extensive loss of hard tissue and, as a complication, can result in the inflammation of the root nerve or early tooth extraction.

Seeking early dental care can ensure a longer lifespan for your teeth with minimal costs.

Although often neglected, prevention remains one of the most important steps in the early detection and effective and harmless treatment of dental caries.

III Pulpitis

Dental pulpitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the dental pulp. It can occur in one or multiple teeth and is caused by bacteria invading the dental pulp, leading to its inflammation (swelling).

Symptoms of pulpitis may include:
• Inflammation;
• Sensitivity to hot and cold foods;
• Sensitivity to soft and very sweet foods;
• Spontaneous pain/nighttime pain.

IV Periodontics

The most commonly encountered conditions in periodontics are gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontosis.

One of the causes that generates the development of inflammatory processes in periodontics can be tooth crowding, untreated carious cavities, improper fillings that allow bacterial passage, which damages the gums. Short frenula and muscular ligaments, malocclusions, partial tooth loss – factors of chronic trauma to the periodontium, which increase the intensity of periodontal tissue destruction. Inflammatory conditions of the periodontium refer to chronic infectious diseases.

The main goal in periodontal treatment is the complete removal of inflammation, treatment of the gums, restoration of anatomical structures and physiological functions of the tissues, as well as maintaining the achieved treatment effect (remission). The treatment of periodontitis requires a comprehensive approach and subsequent visits to the dentist to prevent inflammatory conditions of the periodontium.

Our doctors

Caldarari Stanislav

Oral surgeon

Maxillofacial surgeon specializing in classical and complex dental implantology (including zygomatic, pterygoid, and subperiosteal), extractions, and full mouth reconstruction.

Chiriac Alexandra

Dental therapist

Medical dentist specializing in orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and aesthetic dentistry.

Crigan Dumitritsa

Dental therapist

Dental therapist specializing in aesthetic dentistry, restorations, and oral hygiene.

Stepanenko Irina

Medical Surgeon