In order to maintain healthy teeth, visit your dentist every 6 months.

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Unbearable toothache is the main reason why most people turn to the dentist. But the pain appears when the disease has already overcome the initial stage of development. That is why it is very important to visit the dentist regularly with a preventive purpose. This will save not only time, but also money.


  Another reason for visits to the dentist is cosmetic defects in the teeth. With the help of modern materials, dentists work miracles, returning to their teeth their original appearance, and sometimes making the dentition more beautiful than what was inherited from nature.

 Therapy Dentistry has advanced significantly in development. For the treatment of caries in Moldova, higher-quality devices and materials are used, rather than, say, 50 years ago. More and more new technologies and techniques are being developed. If the form of the dentist used to be intimidating, now fear is only a psychological factor. The case where dental manipulation causes pain is extremely rare. A wide range of anesthetics means that you can choose according to the individual characteristics of the patient.


In Chisinau, the clinic CviaDent uses the latest methods of treatment of such dental diseases as caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, wedge defects and erosion, hypoplasia, fluorosis, etc. We try to find the best treatment option, taking into account individual wishes for each client.

 Therapy In the basis of caries lies the dissolution of the tooth with acids. The consequences of such an impact are extremely unpleasant. The tooth begins to collapse, inside it forms a cavity. Caries is bad not only from the aesthetic point of view (tooth blackening), it also leads to infection of the tooth.


Infected tooth urgently needs to be treated. Defeat can spread with great speed.
Penetration of caries through hard enamel into the underlying dentin is fraught with irreversible processes: tissues are destroyed, in the pulp of the tooth begins an inflammatory process, the so-called pulpitis, which leads to the removal of the nerve. Timely appeal to the dentist can prevent this process. Filling of the tooth will cost much less than sealing with pre-pulpation, and even the extraction of the tooth with the subsequent installation of the implant.


 Therapy Due to the carious process, periodontitis can also develop. Infection penetrates through the hole in the top of the root. Periodontitis can develop even if caries prevention measures have been taken, but the focus of infection has not been eliminated. The pain associated with this type of disease is enhanced by mechanical stress on the diseased tooth. The consequences are not the best: removal of the nerve, removal of the diseased root (hemisection is used in multi-rooted teeth), resection of the apex of the root or extraction of the tooth with subsequent replacement with an implant.
Non-carious processes include a wedge-shaped defect, fluorosis, and tooth erosion.

 Therapy Clawlike defects - defects of hard tissues on the vestibular surface of the teeth. There is a lesion of the tooth enamel from the outside in the neck area. Theoretically, fangs and premolars suffer more often from the wedge-shaped defect, although in practice - often incisors. The pain is mainly associated with young people. But, as a rule, the problem is more aesthetic. To treat a wedge-shaped defect, special lacquers, ointments and toothpastes are prescribed. But the most common method of sealing. In more severe cases, veneers are installed or crown replacement is prescribed.


 Therapy Erosion of the teeth - this ailment is quite common and is a layered destruction of tooth enamel. The cause is the effect of acids that enter the cavity with food. Toxicosis in pregnant women, accompanied by frequent vomiting, also often leads to erosion of the teeth. The reason may be too intense cleaning of teeth at home. Manifestations of this defect require the appointment of a comprehensive remineralizing therapy with the necessary preparations inside, or by filling with the use of glass ionomer material.
Enamel fluorosis is formed on not cut teeth. Терапия Reason: supersaturation of the child's body with fluoride (ingestion of foods with high fluorine content). As a result, the teeth change color, are covered with brown spots. With light injuries resort to therapeutic treatment. More severe cases require orthopedic intervention.

 Therapy In the treatment we use only photocomposite materials from the firms Dentsply (USA) Voco (Germany), Kerr (Germany), Heraeus Kulzer (Germany), GC Fuji (Japan). The use of photocomposite materials provides a much better result than the use of chemical composites that have lost relevance. Unlike photocomposite materials, chemical materials have lost their relevance, since they crumble, which explains why they are short-lived, so we do not use them in clinical practice.


The skill of dentists in combination with advanced anesthesia makes treatment in CviaDen