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The clinic CviaDent uses only the materials of the best world manufacturers:

Materials - Filling materials of American firm Dentsplay Ceram-X and Esthet-X. Convenient, versatile and high-quality materials. In the development of these materials, many leading specialists in dental restorative technologies from all over the world participated. The main purpose of the development of these materials was the creation of a system of simple and understandable reproduction of the aesthetic result. The completely original structure of materials and their color system along with excellent handling properties make these materials indispensable for both the practical dentist and his patient.

 - Materials of the Japanese firm Fuji are one of the best glass ionomer cements used for high-quality fixation of metal-ceramic crowns, which is important in prosthetics.

 - Materials for root canal filling AH Plus (Dentsplay USA) - a material for filling root canals, which is a two-component paste based on epoxyamine resin. Provides long-lasting tightness of root canals, has high biocompatibility, excellent fluidity, stability of volume and color.