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An additional opportunity for diagnosis in the process of treatment is provided by the radiovisiograph. The radiovisiography room at the CviaDent clinic allows doctors to make quick decisions.

What is a radiovisiograph (visionograph) and how does it differ from an ordinary X-ray?


 Visiograph A radiovisiograph (visionograph) is a device that allows you to take pictures of teeth not on an X-ray film, but on a special sensor that instantly transfers a digital image to a computer.


 ClinicThe sensor is applied to the desired tooth and a digital photograph is taken with the help of an X-ray, which is immediately displayed on the computer screen. The use of a radiovisiograph can significantly reduce the exposure time, and hence the effective radiation dose received by the patient. If the radiation dose is 2.5-3.0 mSv in the production of a picture on an ordinary X-ray apparatus, the radiovisiograph can reduce it to 0.2 mSv.


 Viziograph Even if a patient needs to take 10 pictures in one visit, he will receive the same radiation dose as if he had taken one picture on a conventional X-ray machine. Using the method of visualization, you can take pictures of one or several teeth at a time. High speed of taking a picture, as well as the ability to save pictures in the computer's memory, convenient archiving of pictures, quick search of previous patient images, the possibility of storing pictures together with a patient's card, transfer of pictures over a computer network - all this makes the radiovisiograph application irreplaceable, improves the quality approach in Process of organization of treatment.
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