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Restoration of teeth in Chisinau in the clinic CviaDent is effective and high-quality. Restoration of teeth in Chisinau quality at a good price.

   Restoration of teeth procedure is quite in demand. Today it was possible to return the tooth to its original shape and color. Dentists of Moldova have all the necessary skills and have the necessary materials for these rather complicated dental manipulations.


  Restoration is mainly aimed at aesthetic effect. However, with its help, other results are achieved, related to the functionality of the tooth and its health. The term "restoration of teeth" means the restoration of the original anatomical form of the teeth for effective functioning and aesthetic appearance.

  Restoration is the restoration of the destroyed and caries-damaged teeth in the original form, taking into account and the correct selection of the material by color, transparency and shape. The tooth is actually built up using plastic materials. Extension of teeth in Chisinau has not been a novelty for a long time, and the doctors of the clinic CviaDent are some of the best masters in this business.

Restoration of teeth in Chisinau


 Restoration Restoration is not an easy task. A dentist who starts this work should have the gift of a restorer. The technology is rather complicated in its execution and consists in layering the material onto the tooth, thus repeating its natural structure. For each layer, a specific color is selected. The shade of the material should not differ from the natural color of the dental bone. The seal should not be noticeable. A properly executed restoration is always healthy gum. Artistic restoration of teeth is resorted to with caries lesions of more than 50% of the tooth, chipped teeth, if more than 50% of the tooth is destroyed, when caries has formed under the "old" seal, etc.

 Restoration The American company "Dentsply" has released a completely new version of the restoration light-curing material called "Estet-X". The possibilities of this material are unlimited, but only an experienced hand can correctly select the material by color and transparency and thereby achieve an ideal result. In the clinic CviaDent for the restoration of the tooth is spent from 2-7 hours. It will take only one visit. In the course of treatment, it is also possible to adjust the contours, for example, to round the corners of the teeth or make them more straight.


  With the help of modern equipment of the CviaDent clinic, experience and artistic taste, the specialist doctor will take care of:

1. restoration of the form and aesthetics of the tooth;
2.forms of the tooth;
3.and even change the color of the tooth.
  We also practice the restoration of lost teeth by the method of "microprosthetics" with the help of fiberglass yarn without turning over adjacent teeth - small grooves are made on the chewing surface on a number of standing teeth or from the oral cavity. A special reinforcing tape is laid in them, which after the abrasive treatment acquires the strength of the metal. This tape also builds an artificial tooth. This technology can not be used if there is no more than 1 tooth, or the distance between adjacent teeth is very large.
Restoration of teeth allows you to perform miracles! This is one of the greatest achievements in dentistry.