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Teeth whitening in Chisinau (Moldova) - CviaDent.

Teeth whitening in Chisinau in the clinic CviaDent is effective and qualitative. Whitening teeth in Chisinau quality at an affordable price.


  White and smooth teeth are an indicator of health and beauty. Daily hygiene, unfortunately, can not prevent yellowing of teeth. Without visiting the dentist here is indispensable. That's why teeth whitening is a rather popular procedure.

 What is the explanation for the yellowing of the teeth? It's all about the enamel that tends to thin out over time, revealing the dentin - the inner substance of yellow teeth. Among the reasons for the early yellowing of teeth is the consumption of sweet in large quantities. ОтливаниеAcid, released as a result of the interaction of bacteria and sugar, corrodes enamel. Pigments of products containing dyes also remain on the teeth: tea, coffee, juices, jam, etc. Smoking is a significant danger. Whitening teeth can solve the problem of yellowed teeth qualitatively and quickly. Casting
  In the clinic CviaDent, the bleaching procedure is carried out after a stage of professional oral hygiene. Complex teeth whitening is selected individually and coordinated with the wishes of patients. We can offer the Discus Dental and Opalescense home whitening systems with the manufacture of customized capsules, with a gel content. Teeth whitening at home will take you 10-14 days.


Teeth whitening in Chisinau

  Also we use modern technology of teeth whitening Opalescence. Opalescence is one of the advanced systems and is aimed at maximum effect. The Opalescence technology allows you to maintain a neutral Ph balance, which makes the procedure absolutely safe. Teeth whitening in this system is performed in the clinic CviaDent for 45 minutes.Отливание On average, the color of teeth of patients after bleaching becomes lighter by 3-4 tones. In just one not too long visit with the ultraviolet light of the lamp used for whitening with the Whitewash system, you will achieve better results than with laser teeth whitening.

  Methods for whitening teeth that are used in our clinic are absolutely painless. Special remineralizing gels and mousses for the teeth, which our patients use during and after bleaching, strengthen the enamel, saturate it with minerals, calcium and phosphates, and the use of special pastes after whitening helps maintain whiteness of teeth for a long time.