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Orthodontics in Chisinau in the clinic CviaDent is effective and qualitative. Orthodontics in Chisinau quality at a good price.

Orthodontic treatment allows you to permanently get rid of such aesthetic-physiological problems as incorrect bite, twisted teeth.

Orthodontic treatment can be divided into several stages.

At the first stage, the diagnosis and calculation of the complexity of the upcoming orthodontic treatment is carried out.

At the second stage, sanation of the oral cavity with subsequent remineralizing therapy is carried out.

At the third stage, the treatment itself is carried out with the help of orthodontic removable or non-removable devices.


And, the fourth and final stage is the retention period, that is, the stage of orthodontic treatment, in which the retention of teeth in the ideal position is achieved with the help of special equipment-retiners. The retention period lasts about two years.
To date, orthodontic treatment is carried out using removable and non-removable devices.

What is meant by the removable device?

Removable apparatus is a preventive or curative plate made of special plastics. Its main tasks include changing the width of the sky, the shape of the jaw bones, etc. There are various forms of construction of these plates. Depending on this, they can be used for wearing either 24 hours a day, or exclusively at night. Plates are necessary for the prevention and correction of deformities of the dentition in cases with infantile swallowing, sucking on the lips and fingers.


 Orthodontics Orthodontic trainers also belong to the removable orthodontic equipment. They are a soft tire that helps align the growing teeth. Since the age of five, you can correct bite in children with the help of such trainers. When you wear them, you can eliminate a lot of bad habits. Trainer treatment is two-stage: for the first six months a soft and flexible blue trainer is used. In the next 6-12 months, they resort to the use of a solid trainer of pink color. Thanks to him, the final alignment of the teeth is achieved.

Removable devices provide a natural-simple movement of teeth, this is their main advantage. If necessary, they can easily be extracted from the oral cavity. That is why the treatment with removable devices is used mainly in childhood.

Non-removable orthodontic treatment


Non-removable orthodontic treatment is carried out with the help of various bracket systems. They are selected depending on the complexity of orthodontic treatment. In English, bracket means bracket. With the help of the force perceived from the wire fixed in the mouth, the braces attached to the teeth transmit the programmed direction to move the tooth to the correct position.
Orthodontics in Chisinau

Orthodontists in Moldova offer several treatment options for various braces. Depending on comfort in wearing, appearance and duration of treatment options may differ in price. Braces can be made from various materials. The choice depends on the individual wishes of the client. Some people find it difficult to agree to wear metal in their mouths, in their opinion, braces should be imperceptible. Others, on the contrary, wish to stand out. How much are you willing to pay for comfort and convenience?

Braces in Chisinau


Here are the main types of bracket systems in Chisinau:

Orthodontics Metal braces are the cheapest type of dental braces for dentition in Moldova. The price is determined by the least aesthetics, although they do not differ in performance from other types of brackets. Metal braces are small and attached to the front surface of the teeth. They have great strength and consist of several elements (locks, rings, etc.), which are attached to the teeth, combining them into a single system and helping to achieve the desired result.


Disadvantages of metal bracket systems:

The least aesthetic;
In the early stages of wearing may not seem comfortable, but within a week this feeling goes away;
In the early stages of wearing can cause irritation of the gums, mucous cheeks and lips (in this case, the sharpest and irritating areas are covered with special wax).
 Orthodontics Ceramic braces are the most popular among systems for aligning teeth. Despite the high cost, patients prefer them. The fact is that ceramic braces are the most inconspicuous kind of external braces. Their elite coating is perfectly combined with the color of the tooth. Ceramic braces clarity, for example, not only merge with the tooth row, but also do not stain, and when removed completely do not injure the enamel. They are reliable and very firmly attached to the teeth.


Ceramic braces are divided into two categories: polycrystalline and monocrystalline (sapphire).

Polycrystalline braces have a different degree of haze. They have good aesthetic properties due to a partially opaque surface that mimics the color of the dental bone.

Disadvantages of ceramic (polycrystalline) bracket systems:

1. Dorogoviz


Lingual braces (or tongue braces) are the most unusual. They are attached to the inner surface of the teeth, so they are absolutely invisible. This is their main advantage. As a rule, lingual braces are made of metal.

Disadvantages of lingual bracket systems:

1. Because of the location in hard-to-reach places, this type of braces requires more thorough hygiene;
2. Some problems with speech at the initial stage are possible, because Due to the installation of the lingual bracket system, the free space in the mouth becomes smaller.


When orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to follow the general rules of braces care. It is necessary to have a special toothbrush and toothpaste, special dental flosses and brushes. After each meal, the mouth should be thoroughly cleaned. It is necessary to minimize the use of food, which provokes diseases of teeth and gums (flour, sweet, soda, etc.). It is undesirable to use chewing gums, seeds, nuts and other viscous and solid foods. Selection of braces is carried out individually depending on the condition of your teeth. The success of orthodontic treatment will largely depend on you. It is guaranteed only in case you strictly adhere to all the data given by an orthodontist of the recommendation.


So, we wish you success and patience in orthodontic treatment!