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Modern anesthesia (dental treatment without pain) in Chisinau (Moldova) - CviaDent.md


Fear of pain when visiting a dentist can now be forgotten. Today it is rather a psychological factor. With the help of modern anesthetics, even the most serious interventions will be imperceptible.


 Clinic Modern dentistry offers various methods of anesthesia. The most effective of them are used in the clinic CviaDent. The choice of this or that method of anesthesia is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's propensity to allergic reactions, chronic diseases, pressure jumps, etc. We have a serious approach to anesthesia.
At each certain dental manipulation the most suitable method of anesthesia is used.

Application anesthesia consists in applying on the gum sprays and special gels. This is a shallow anesthetic and spreads only a few mm from the gum surface. To make your stay at the clinic as comfortable as possible, we use this type of anesthesia to anesthetize the injection site. Thus, even the injection in the clinic CviaDent is not sensitive.


Infiltration anesthesia is needed in more complex cases. The needle becomes the conductor of the anesthetic. It saturates soft tissues in the area of ​​the root of the tooth, anesthetizing, allowing one to numb the oral mucosa and one tooth. This method of anesthesia is the most common and well tolerated by the patients.
The next most difficult form of anesthesia is provodnikovaya anesthesia.

This type of anesthesia can anesthetize a whole series of teeth and is required if necessary for complex surgical interventions, as well as for the treatment of chewing teeth.

When treating chewing teeth, it is often necessary to combine provodnikovoy and infiltration anesthesia.


It is extremely rare in general dentistry to use general anesthesia. It is used in case the patient has panic fear of dental intervention and can not cope with it. However, this type of anesthesia does not justify itself, since it has more negative aspects than positive ones.