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Implantation of teeth in Chisinau in the clinic CviaDent is a guarantee for work for 2 years, the quality is checked by years. Choosing a dental implant in the clinic CviaDent in Chisinau, you get quality at an affordable price.

Today, lost teeth are restored with the help of implants. This method is popular all over the world, thanks to the possibilities that help patients feel comfort in the oral cavity. Implantation is not only an aesthetically important moment, but also a guarantee of a comfortable and vital existence.


  Implantation of teeth - from lat. Im- in, inside and plantatio - transplant. This is the name of the dental method of restoring lost teeth.

Implantation Dental implants (also called implants) are specially manufactured pins, which are used as a support for crowns, non-removable bridges and full-denture prostheses. The role of implants is the replacement of the roots of lost teeth. Installation of the implant (dental implant) allows not only to solve the problem of the missing tooth at a relatively affordable price, but also to remove the excess load from neighboring teeth, thus keeping them and not grinding under the crowns. The metal from which the implants are made must have a high biocompatibility with the tissues of the body. It must also be strong and light enough. These criteria can not be better than titanium.

Implantation of teeth in Chisinau


 Modern implants of German manufacturing companies used in the clinic CviaDent, give excellent results of engraftment - up to 99%. The specialists of the clinic CviaDent successfully combine the variants of implanted implants with subsequent prosthetics with removable structures or non-removable structures.
 Implantation Implantation of teeth in Moldova is carried out by one-step or by two-stage method.

With single-stage implantation, non-separable (one-stage) implants are used. The intra-osseous part of the undivided implants has the form of a screw (sometimes a plate), which passes into the head of the implant. After the operation, part of the head of the implant remains outside, projecting above the level of the gum. Two weeks later begin prosthetics.
The two-stage technique of implantation is most common and is carried out according to the following principle:

1) installation of an intraosseous element and a screw-plug (I stage);

2) installation of a gingiva former instead of a stub (stage II), (performed after 2-3 months); Installation of the implant head instead of the gum former (performed 7-10 days after the II stage);


3) installation of the manufactured crown on the head of the implant.

 Implantation It should be borne in mind that the choice of a one- or two-stage implantation technique depends on a number of conditions that the surgeon-implantologist determines during the examination. Implantation of teeth is not performed if the patient suffers from chronic diseases of blood, bones, a tumor and some other diseases.

If the patient is not shown dental implantation due to insufficient thickness of bone tissue, an experienced implantologist at the clinic CviaDent will suggest a classical implantation, which consists in performing an operation to restore the necessary bone volume. Thus, ideal guaranteed conditions for reliable implantation are created.