In order to maintain healthy teeth, visit your dentist every 6 months.

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Cleaning the teeth in Chisinau in the clinic CviaDent is effective and high-quality. Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth in Chisinau quality at a good price.

Professional oral hygiene

 Hygiene Hygiene of the oral cavity is observed not only for preventive purposes. It has become an indispensable attribute of human culture. Today, no one does without a brush and toothpaste, which help to avoid unpleasant odor and the development of caries.


  However, cleaning your teeth at home only partially meets hygiene requirements. Every 3-6 months it is necessary to take a course of professional activities on oral hygiene, which is based on the following preventive measures:
Complete examination of the oral cavity;
Removal of plaque that can not be removed as a result of the usual brushing of teeth;
Passage of an instructive course on proper dental care at home. It means cleaning the teeth and other necessary measures to maintain and strengthen the health of the oral cavity.
Cleaning of teeth in Chisinau

 Hygiene Professional dental cleaning is becoming an increasingly popular preventative procedure. During the reception at the clinic CviaDent you will certainly be shown the technique of proper dental cleaning. For this purpose, animation clips are used. In addition, the doctor will tell you what brush, paste, elixir, dental floss to choose. These tips will help to avoid new problems associated with the formation of caries and inflammation of the gums.

Before starting any type of dental work, we advise patients to take a course of activities on occupational hygiene of the oral cavity. Using an intraoral camera, the patient will be able to see the state of his teeth on the monitor. Accompanied by these visual images, the doctor will analyze the situation:

Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth in Chisinau

  - If you identify tartar, you will be offered a technique for removing it using an ultrasound machine. During operation, this unit produces a frequency absolutely harmless to the tissues of the teeth.

Air Flow in Chisinau

 Hygiene - When detecting a "smoker's attack", a touch from tea or coffee, the AirFlow apparatus is used, with which the teeth are cleaned with the removal of plaque. The use of the AirFlow machine is mistakenly attributed to the procedure for teeth whitening, but it is a mechanical cleaning from plaque. Teeth whitening in Chisinau is carried out by various methods and the AirFlow procedure becomes an integral part that is necessary before bleaching.


- With a view to preventive prevention of caries development in children, we propose to conduct fissure sealing. Fissures are grooves on the chewing surface of the tooth. They often get stuck with food, allowing caries to develop at lightning speed. Cleaning of the chewing surface is carried out with the help of pastes and conditioners.

Then a sealant with fluorine content is applied, which will become the main protector of children's teeth from caries. The sealant cures with a polymerization lamp. Bormashina, acting intimidatingly for many children is not used at the same time. Sealing fissures is an absolutely painless procedure.


The reasons for unsatisfactory cleaning of teeth at home can be:
Its short duration, when instead of 2-3 minutes, teeth are cleaned for 30 seconds;
The prevalence of horizontal brush movements instead of circular and sweeping;
Lack of cleansing of the cervical area of ​​the teeth;
Insufficient number of toothbrush movements.
As a result of improper hygiene of the oral cavity, a huge amount of money is spent, while regular preventive visits to the dentist will keep your teeth and gums healthy. Remember that eliminating rioting will take much longer and will be much more expensive than preventive measures taken in time.