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In order to maintain healthy teeth, visit your dentist every 6 months.

About the clinic

belie_zubi1Today, people are increasingly thinking about their appearance and a beautiful smile. The procedure of teeth whitening is an integral part of the image of a modern person. In our clinic, there are two types of bleaching: home bleaching and clinical whitening. Types of bleaching differ in the time of the procedure and the conditions of comfort.

Before the bleaching procedure, professional hygiene of the oral cavity and, if necessary, a remineralization therapeutic course are carried out. In the presence of loosely adhering restorations and other defects of the tooth enamel before teeth whitening, it is necessary to seal these defects with a temporary filling material, which after the whitening procedure is replaced by a permanent one.

Home whitening Opaloscense

This procedure can be carried out everywhere and not just at home because it requires wearing individually manufactured bleaching trays that are made of a transparently thin film in the form of your teeth. You fill the mouthguards with a whitening gel. Kappa with gel should be worn for a certain period of time every day (according to the instructions). This procedure should continue the entire period of time for approximately 2-4 weeks. We will check the progress in whitening, when necessary, during the entire period of application of the whitening gel.

The advantage of home whitening is its ease of use and lower cost.

The disadvantage is the inconvenience of wearing whitening mouthguards and the fact that the result depends on your patience and the regularity of using the cap.

Clinical whitening can be performed in one visit, or require two or more visits depending on the type of your teeth. Each visit takes from 1 to 1.5 hours. Since a concentrated whitening gel is used for this procedure, it is necessary to protect soft tissues. When the gums are isolated, the gel is applied to the surface of the teeth.

belie zubi2In our practice, clinical bleaching of ZOOM 3 and DASH is used. The difference is that during the ZOOM 3 bleaching process, a photo lamp with high intensity light is used to direct the activation of the concentrated gel. The DASH bleaching procedure is considered to be budgetary compared to the ZOOM 3 bleaching procedure, since it does not require additional expensive equipment, and an additional gel is used to activate the concentrated gel instead of the apparatus. The Dash whitening system is the latest development of DISCUS DENTAL, the manufacturer of ZOOM whitening systems.

Belie zubi2 With clinical whitening with the use of high-intensity light, teeth can be whitened with depulpated channels. In this case, the teeth are whitened immediately from the outside and from the inside.

The advantage of whitening in the clinic is that the doctor does all the work and you spend a whole lot less time whitening your teeth.

The disadvantage is inconvenience, as with any dental procedure, you have to keep your mouth open during the entire whitening process, and a greater cost compared to home bleaching.